Collaboration is key to waste reduction puzzle

Collaboration with industry experts is vitally important to get the desired result which is – sustainable packaging. The team at Wadding Solutions work with an extensive range of packaging experts; from material suppliers to industry leaders in the plastics and glass manufacturing field, as well as filling companies and innovative business networks both here in New Zealand and abroad. Uneducated social media publicity as well as over-hyped marketing strategy is harmful to the environment. Productive packaging design opportunities are being implemented by associations such as Plastics NZ; and are being made available to brand owners and manufacturers to improve the way we deal with

“We need to encourage brand owners to see the value in using easy to recycle plastic packaging, along with design focused lining materials, to continue to improve shelf life of food and beverage and prevent leaks, while offering the consumer a tamper evident form of protection."

Green washing has caused a surge in marketing teams changing their packaging, when in fact it is education on how to best recycle packaging and correct labelling that should be the focus. Consumers want their product fresh, an induction seal in conjunction with HDPE or PET with a screw cap is one of the most cost effective and environmentally sound options on the market.

Wadding Solutions is also working with glass importers to find ways to effectively seal jars and bottles to ensure product integrity. Without finding an equilibrium between the consumer ‘wants’ and packaging decision makers choosing the best option, results in unnecessary change and this will in the end cause wider negative environmental impact. E-commerce is on the rise, in turn it has meant as a business Wadding Solutions has had to endure a vast number of packing problems from imported glass and plastic packaging and the team have had to find quick and easy solutions. They encourage people to look at New Zealand made packaging because at the design stage they can benefit from sourcing recycled product here in New Zealand and a liner that will benefit their products resulting in reduced carbon emissions because they don’t have to import their packaging.

A good package for any product is not only robust but is tamper-proof and leak free, facilitating in products being transported and exported free from spoilage.

Wadding Solutions has an onsite testing facility with sealing equipment that allows businesses to test their products with packaging prior to going to the market resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

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